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- business advisory in communication questions
- developing communication strategy
- continuous personal consulting
   - audition with the top executive of the company (and the communication manager)
   - revision of the corporate plans from a communication angle
   - estimation of the impact of forthcoming business measures,
     customizing communications
   - setting up the basic principles of internal and external communication
- crisis preparedness advisory
- positioning, repositioning
- corporate image, corporate identity
- developing corporate networking
- event management
- developing and performing internal communication strategies
- design and co-ordination of below-the-line tools
- development and maintenance of on-line presence
- development and implementation of sponsorship strategies
- positioning and repositioning products, services and brands
- planning, co-ordination and implementation of market introductory campaigns
- awareness programs, maintenance
- Great personal experience
- Crisis preparedness plans
- Preparedness audit and updating
- Preparedness training (for the management, speakers and front line)
- On-time crisis communications management
- developing the aims and requirements of events
- comprehensive action plans, scripts and checklists
- selection and organizing of external participation, artists, designers, contractors and subcontractors
- organizing internal co-ordination
- implementation, realization
- professional supervision over performance and contractors’ bills
- company representation in the media
- organizing and running media clubs
- planning and organizing press events, moderating
- monitoring, analysis
- media contacts
 - setting up media contact lists tailored to the profile of the company
 - contacting trade media, preliminary dissemination of information
 - establishing a media „inner circle”, maintaining relationships
 - media events, special training and consulting to the company’s executives before meeting the media
 - "Q&A" and "Hostile Q&A" preparedness documents
media training
understanding the media, practicing television and radio appearance, interviews with the help of experienced media experts, reporters, cameramen and technicians
communications training
general communication skills and special situation training e.g. negotiations, sales, leadership, conflict situations
crisis management preparedness training
understanding the rules of crisis communication, planning the preparations, practicing crisis situation behavior
training sessions for the crisis management team and the "front line"

presentation training
preparation for presentation, practicing public speech, techniques for increasing impact
- supervision , audition and update of communication plans and strategies
- setting up internal orders and regulations concerning communication matters
- preparation of the material of in-house presentations (e.g. board meeting, in-house
  training, etc.)