Dr. Peter J. Sos, Partner, Managing Director

  • Board member of Hungarian PR Association
  • Honorary College Professor
  • Chief organizer of the first Summer PR Academy
  • Original occupation: journalist, over 22 years (Kepes7, Private Profit, Radio Danubius). Later senior advisor at Burson-Marsteller Budapest. Later President and CEO of Academy Publishing House, and CEO of Sunbooks Ltd. In 2001: senior advisor at Comprad Agency. Since 2002 Founder and Partner of B. Swan Partners
  • Other activities: teaching at Janos Kodolanyi College, and scientific works. Publications: “Our everyday Public Relations – in the practice” (two editions) and “Hungarian Exodus” (two editions). Furthermore publishers reader of the book “Advertising Psychology in the Web Age” of Mr. Istvan Sas.


Dr. Gyula Nagy PhD, Partner, Strategic Director

  • Economist, international financial expert
  • College Professor
  • Over 22 years of economic teaching
  • 14 years of experience in Public Relations (Senior advisor at Comprad Agency, later Founder and Partner of B. Swan Partners).
  • PhD since 2011. Publications: joint author of „Globalization and financial crisis in 2007-2011”, furthermore several scientific articles. Teaching at Budapest Economic College.